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Short term goals
finish in the top 20 at the U23 World Championships
top 3 at the swiss cup
top 10 COC (continental cup)

Long term goals
take part in world cups
stay within national frameworks
pursue a career as a professional athlete


Swisscup = swiss cup 
YOG = youth olympics 
COCs = alpine countries cup


SEASON 2022 - 2023

47th Sprint sk WC Davos 

16th 20km classic COC Obersdorf 

1st 15km skating Swiss Championship Elite category 

2nd Classic Pursuit Swiss Championship 

27th Sprint Classic World Championships U23 (WC U23) 

6th 10km sk WCh U23

3rd mixed relay WCh U23

SEASON 2021 - 2022

2nd sprint skating COC Planica
2nd distance skating COC Planica
1st 30km skating Obersdorf
1st sprint and classic distance Swiss-cup Campra
11th 30km skating JWCs
8th prologue of the JWCs skating sprints
4th overall COC U20 ranking
Swiss U20 skiathlon champion
Swiss Champion U20 30km skating
1st general classification Swiss-cup U20


SEASON 2020 - 2021

1st overall swiss cup ranking

3rd overall COC ranking
2nd Swiss Classic Sprint Championships
7th OPA Games Classic Pursuit (COC)
1st OPA Games Prémanon 10km skating (COC)
28th distance skating junior world championships
23rd Classic Sprint World Junior Championships 
Swiss champion of the 10km classic pursuit in Sedrun
Swiss Champion of the 10km individual skating in Sedrun
8th COC Sprint Goms 
2nd sk remote COC Goms 
14th 10km classic COC Val Formazza 
3rd 15km skating COC Val Formazza

SEASON 2019 - 2020

5th U20 (1st U18) sprint skating swiss-cup Ulrichen
10th YOG sprint skating
19th YOG Classic distance
Swiss vice-champion U18 10km classic
Swiss champion U18 pursuit skating

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SEASON 2018 - 2019

4th place (3rd Swiss) Swisscup Sparenmoos
5th Swiss Championships
18th EYOF
2nd French-speaking championships
3rd Swisscup Langis

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