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1st place at the OPA Games

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

The OPA Games is the continental cup championships. The programme was an individual 10km skating on Saturday followed by a 15km skating pursuit on Sunday. The course was divided into 4 loops of 2.5km which could be summarised as a big climb and then a descent. During the race I felt very good and managed to keep a good pace throughout the 4 laps. At the top of the last big climb I was 1sec behind the Italian Elia Barp and after giving it my all on the descent I won this continental cup with a 4sec lead. This is by far the most beautiful victory of my life. During the pursuit, I tried to stay with the best, but the course, flatter than yesterday, didn't favour me. After a final sprint for 3rd place, I unfortunately finished 7th but still satisfied with my race.

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