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Start of the 2021-22 season

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

This 2021-2022 season started with the COC in Ulrichen in the Goms Valley. We started this weekend with an individual 10 km classic. I was quite happy with my 9th place, but I was a bit more frustrated with the sprint skating on Saturday and the mass start skating on Sunday. In the sprint after a good prologue and a good attitude in the quarter final, I got my ski caught in the last climb of the semi-final when I was in 2nd position. As for the mass start on Sunday, I tried to lead the race but it cost me a lot of energy and I finished in a shy 6th place. The season continued with the 2nd COC in St-Ulrich, Austria. A weekend of 2 races; an individual 10km classic on Saturday and a 15km skating mass start on Sunday. I couldn't find the form and motivation for the classic distance. On Sunday, the form was there but so was the bad luck. I fell twice during the race but despite that, I had a great time during this distance and I finished 14th (1st Swiss).

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