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World Junior Championships

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

I arrived in Vuokatti, Finland, with the Swiss team on 4 February. The next day we discovered the beautiful landscape of Vuokatti and the competition course which was not the easiest.

The sprints : On the day of the sprint it was very cold (-20). But that didn't stop me from performing well. After a magnificent 18th time in the prologue, I was unfortunately eliminated in the quarter final. A Finnish rider in front of me fell on me in the last climb which blocked me. I finished 5th in my quarter final with a little frustration.

The 10km Skating : This was my favourite race. I put a lot of pressure on myself saying that I could do a top 20 or even a top 10. I felt pretty fit but the girls who were leaving in the morning warned me not to go too fast because the course was really hard. So I decided not to go too fast, which I don't usually do. After 2.5 km of running, I had already lost 30sec on the first one. On the 2nd lap I stayed with an Italian, and on the 3rd lap with the Russian who was starting behind me. I finished 28th, 1min55 behind the first but only 50sec from the top 10. At the time I wasn't very happy with my result but looking back I didn't have such a bad race.

30km classic : The 30km classic was the last competition of these junior world championships. I knew it wasn't my favourite discipline but I decided that I was going to compete in it and get as much fun and experience as possible and that's what I did. It was honestly the race I enjoyed the most despite finishing 33rd.

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